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Rina Oh is an Artist, Chef and Creative Director of A+D Projects, a creative design firm specializing in art, fashion and food categories. Services include art direction, food and fashion styling, recipe testing and development, illustrations, writing stories, photography and video production for editorial and commercial work. 

Rina has previously worked as a line cook for Bar Boulud, a recipe develper and restaurant consultant for Exit 201, Saveur Magazine (ASME Award 2012- yes I did!), Cooking Channel, Food Network, and currently the James Beard Foundation (her all time favorite client!). She served as an artist representative booking agent at Kate Larkworthy as her first job position, and later on worked with the awesome PR firm Company Agenda in NYC, producing over a dozen Mercedes Benz fashion shows. She earned the title "mailing list queen" while working there.

In 2017, Rina added the fashion category to AD Projects and launched AD Projects Digital Marketing, where content is delivered to domestic and global markets through strategic partnerships with brands and publications.

Hobbies include: painting, making sculptures and dolls. Other hobbies include cooking, gardening, pickling everything, and a massive collection of designer shoes and clothes. 

Rina has formally studied painting, sculpture, and illustration design. She has a bronze monument at the Georgetown University Medical Campus in Washington, D.C. She studied sculpture with Greg Wyatt at the Cathedral of Saint John, the Divine in NYC from 1995-2001. She continued her sculpture studies at the Newington Cropsey Academy of Art in Hastings on the Hudson from 1999-2002. She has extensive knowledge of Renaissance Master techniques in drawing, painting, and sculpture. The only area she hasn’t delved into is architecture which she vows to pursue someday after conquering the world and become a true master of the arts. Rina studied fashion design and illustration at Parsons School of Design in NYC after dedicating her Georgetown Masterpiece. 

With a background in Artists Management, Public Relations, and Event Production, Rina created Apogee Management in 2005, an Event Production and Artists Management company. It officially closed in 2010 when she launched AD Projects (except for Apogee Management Digital Music- still representing a few artists). At the same time, she pursued a culinary arts grande diplome at the French Culinary Institute, known as the International Culinary Center today. Rina has taken additional classes in Sous Vide and Hydrocolloids (the crazy molecular gastronomy stuff) with Dave Arnold and worked as an intern in his test kitchen. She assisted Alan Richman while taking the course: The Craft of Food Writing, and received certifications for both classes.

She has worked as a food stylist, recipe developer and writer, photographer, content producer, and spent three years programming content as a content administrator and image asset manager for the Cooking Channel and the Food Network. You can spot her at Citymeals events, at the James Beard House, and shopping at major designer sales when she’s not working on production jobs! And during her extra free time, she's working on one of five book projects and a boutique clothing line while everyone is still sleeping, except for Mozie, the dog.

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